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Name: Hiroshi Takatsuki
Pen-name: High Moon

Director of Miyako Ecology Center
A reseacher in the waste management field

A member of the Japan Cartoonists Association
Books(in English): Cartoon "Gomic" Part 1-Part 7
Publisher: J.E.E. (URL: http/www.jca.apc.org/jee)

Japanese Page

High Moon’s Cartoon Gallery Japanese Page

My Cup,MyBag and Our Earth
Virtually extinct culture A balanced economy?
Eco-title match KEEP OUT
The younger generation these days…! The gifts of advanced technology
Hey look,boss! They're so far ahead of us that even their trays are disposable A great legacy “We have decided to leave the disposal of all this entirely up to you”
Escalating unfitness In the natural world,there is no such thing as rubbish.
Waste side story If you sell me this land,you'll be able to take it easy for the rest of your life,without ever having to work again.
Hey! look! A new species of cockroach…・ Special Earth Day Symposium Whose Earth Is It?
DON'T TRASH THE FOREST Nothing else can be done but to suppress the activities of the cancer cells(human beings)
Economics Economics Economics Economics Hey Are you the only one that's not going to sacrifice anything?
Modern metamorphosis -Esher_style. In ancient times,this species,called 'mankind
Wouldn't it be better to simply turn off the taps? Recycling Waaa!!Help!!An insect!!!
Garbage watching “Leftover food is still scarce…How long will this recession last?” Let's harmonize with nature!
Behind the scenes, what's actually happening? Great!Just as we predicted!
What's that strange sound…? Don't worry! Everything here is environment-friendly…
A new 'Tragedy of the Commons' Danger!
The amount of garbage produced equals consumption of grobal resources What is behind these individual problems?
Utopia(desirable society)“Come on,we must be getting close to Utopia by now!” Separate roles
Tea time Hey!Think about us,too!
The problem is,how to enforce the separation rule! Nano wastes
Next,sports! How long can this situation be sustained?
Un-on! Suicide bombers! What! Are you really serious about preventing Global Warming?
ECO2money(CO2 emission fee) Head cook! More customers are arriving
Car society rolled over the land like a tsunami. Environment and safety must be preserved by everybody
I can not eat any more… What? Who'd have thought could ever collapse?
This is the kind of waste disposal we'd like to see! I finally decided to throw out the dresser,the sink and the cupboards.
What happened? Did I oversleep? How many times must we tell them? Today we only collect incombustible refuse.
LIMITED FOCUS Eco pack,please!
Memories of summer vacation Hi,Mr.crab!You have gotten many new types of houses this summer!
We havean emergency―all these drips are running out! Hold it! From now on, only half a cup each!
Dad! Mom! Please save some for us… Sustainainability…
Special Earth Day Symposium Whose Earth Is It? Oh! That one really looks perfect on you!
The evolution of homo industrius Great!Wonderful recycling spirit!
Finished at last! How about this reform plan?
Next question! How should this product be disposed of,when it becomes garbage? The Edo Era was “Earth-friendly”
An expanding gap 21st century Titanic
ENCORE!! ENKORE!! What is the real value of watar?
What a nuisance-having to clean up after living things! Pollution Olympics


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