Bon Dia from Brazil!/ ブラジルからこんにちは!  (JICA日系研修員)

【日本語は後半に続きます/Followed by Japanese Translation】

Bon Dia from Brazil

The training course “Training Program for Nikkei Communities” started from 13th of January.

The course is for Nikkei from mainly central and south America and usually take place from January for about a month. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, this year the course will be over internet with Ms. Camila from Brazil.
The course “Training for Environmental Education Leaders (Especially in Urban Areas)” has aiming for trainees that they will not only learn and gain the knowledge of Environmental Education to local people, but also importance of cooperation between different stakeholders would be understood.

Our first lecture was through Zoom on 13th and she seems to be impressed how we collaborate with different actors for conducting environmental activities at local area.
According to her, because her local Nikkei group has been aging, she would like to promote environmental activities involving young people.

Aging population problem is no different in Kyoto city; however, we conducts variety of environmental activities in such local area. So hopefully she will have some ideas that can be applied in Brazil.

Annually, we have around 30 groups (approx. 400 people) of international visitors with variety of reasons at Eco-cen.
At Miyako Ecology Center, activities to raise awareness on environmental issues in collaboration with various individuals and groups have been carried out.
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