Our Very First Visitor of the FY 2021!!/ 2021年度最初の団体見学は同志社国際学院!

【日本語は後半に続きます/Followed by Japanese Translation】


Our Very First Visitor of the FY 2021!!

On the 7th of April, we had a group of visitors from Doshisha International School, Kyoto.

Even though they are already full of knowledges on wastes; especially, plastic wastes and pollution due to the wastes, they were very keen to deepen their understandings.



During their visit, we gave them a small talk about what we do in general as an environmental organization in Kyoto to reduce the impact of environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, wastes and so on. Then we gave a tour of our facility to show the history of waste reduction in Kyoto city and showed examples of actions to make a difference from daily life.



Finally, our original environmental education program “Gomi Herashi Tai (Waste Reduction Team)” was conducted. The program was to start with students realizing how much “garbage” we generally produce, then promoting participants to change their mind of “recycling” wastes to “reduce” or “reuse” the materials which will lead to have less waste.



More info about “Gomi Herashi Tai” and other programs: https://www.miyako-eco.jp/target/for-group/

We were very pleased to have such bright students who were interested in environment, and hope their visit to Eco-cen helped them to have better understandings to take action on plastic pollution!!


Before the pandemic of COVID-19 started in early 2020, we used to have around 30 groups (approx. 400 people) of international visitors a year at Eco-cen.


I hope we will have more visitors from now on!


Let’s find things you can do from everyday life to make differences on the planet at Eco-cen!!



4月7日(水)に同志社大学付属 同志社国際学院から児童の皆さんが来館されました。来館前に廃棄物について、特にプラスチックや廃棄物による環境汚染についてしっかりと勉強されていたようですが、当館で更に理解を深めたいとの事でした。





最後に、エコセン・オリジナルの環境教育プログラム「ごみへらし隊」を体験してもらいました。このプログラムでは、まず普段何気なく出す「ごみ」について振り返ってもらい、リサイクルをする前に「3R(Recycle, Reuse, Reduce)から2R(Reuse, Reduce)」の意識を持つことでごみ全体の量を減らす事を目指します。


「ごみへらし隊」他のプログラムについて: https://www.miyako-eco.jp/target/for-group/