Our first international visitors at FY 2022! 今年度初めて留学生向け団体見学を実施しました!


On the 3rd of June, we had our first international visitors of the FY 2022 from Doshisha Business School Global MBA. This time, 22 students (including 5 people joined online) from 14 countries such as Canada, Indonesia, Spain, India, Mongolia and others visited Miyako Ecology Center.


At first, we gave explanation on the background of establishment of Miyako Ecology Center and the center was a hub for environmental learning facility. After that, we gave a tour of exhibits through the facility from 1-3rd floors and the rooftop for about 1.5 hours.



At the exhibits for water, students looked surprised to know that people in Japan use the most water when taking a shower. They said that they tend to use water the most at the kitchen and laundry.


At the exhibits for waste, one student from Canada shared that food waste from home are collected to compost in Canada, another student from India shared that there are some strict rules which imposes a fine on using plastic bags. It was so interesting to know some cases about waste management in other countries!



Students seemed so passionate about studying each exhibit related to ecology. We hope this tour may be an opportunity to think about environmental issues or know what we can do to make our earth more eco-friendly!




We welcome to visitors from overseas. If you have interest, please feel free to contact us!



京エコロジーセンタ―の見学プログラム一覧(List of tour programs of Miyako Ecology center):https://www.miyako-eco.jp/target/for-group/