Fall is THE BEST Season for Reading in Japan! 〜 読書の秋 〜

【日本語は後半に続きます/Followed by Japanese Translation】

Lately, slight sense of fall touches your skin…
Summer has passed and the best season for reading just arrived!!

There is a library corner on the 3rd floor at Eco-cen, and there are new arrival books for children which I would like to introduce today.


1) “First Big Book of Why”

When you are stuck with scientific answers to your kids’ questions, here is the textbook answers for you!


2) “Sharing Nature” & “Exploring Nature ~activity books for kids~”

When you want your kids to go explore the nature and looking for extra activities with them, this is the book for you!!



3) “How the World Works”

Pop-up and Lift the Flap book to learn our planet!


4) “What a Waste”

Colorful and fan facts about recycling. From pollution to solution of wastes are introduced in the book. Let’s learn what we can do to make a big impact on the earth!

We are planning to add more books this year, so If there are any books you are interested or recommend, please let us know!


Event (Oct. 2 -4):
Old books and magazines will be handed over from the books arranged in the library corner on a first-come, first-served basis (Japanese books only).
More info: https://www.miyako-eco.jp/event/event-12455/




さて、エコセン3F 環境図書コーナーでは海外図書コーナーがあります。





1) “First Big Book of Why”


2) “Sharing Nature” & “Exploring Nature ~activity books for kids~”


3) “How the World Works”


4) “What a Waste”