Our Very First International Visitor since COVID-19

【日本語は後半に続きます/Followed by Japanese Translation】

Annually, we have around 30 groups (approx. 400 people) of international visitors at Eco-cen.
Since COVID-19 hit us, today we had our 1st international visitor from Thailand!
He is currently studying Human Environment at Osaka Sangyo University.



To deepen his understanding of harmonious coexistence between environment and humans for his master degree, we gave a tour of our facility for 2 hours with information from Eco-cen’s history to features of it.



Although every visitor stunned by different features in Eco-cen, it seemed like the fact that Eco-cen adopts various sustainable technology was the point to be fascinated today for him.


I hope we will have more visitors from now on!

Let’s find things you can do from everyday life to make differences on the planet at Eco-cen!!